Cast Announcement

Still Life with Iris.jpg

Iris – Kayleigh Fink
Mom/Miss Overlook – Cathy Merlo
Dad/Man/Mister MatterNot – jon Baril
Annabel Lee & Leaf Monitor – Aiden O’Neal
Memory Mender – Steve Lillis
Mozart & Thunder Bottler One – Sophie Doucet
Hazel & Captain Also – Abigail Paige
Elmer & Ray – Jerry Schneider
Rainmaker, Thunder Bottler Two, Mister OtherGuy & Third String – TBD

Flower Painter, Bolt Bender &

Mister HimToo – Lisa Graveline
Her Most Excellent, Gretta Good – Kyle Collins
His Most Excellent, Grotto Good – Norman Dubois

We are still looking to fill one role within our ensemble, if you or someone you know is interested, please email

Social Justice Play Series

By Idris Goodwin

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A Common Thread Theatre is committed to social justice and the elimination of racism and all prejudice. To spark awareness, discussion, and action in our community, we are produced a series of plays with anti-racism themes. 

This series, three short plays by Idris Goodwin, was presented in collaboration with Needham Community Theatre and directed by Jaimee Banks.

Check out the recording of this thought-provoking performance. 

Check out some photos from our amazing production

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